If you have a live event you need to film, ProCreative is your one-stop solution.

We can either create a short recap video showing the highlights of the event, or we can film the entire event.
We can record your event for playback at a later date, or stream the event LIVE to your audience watching online.

If you charge for attendance, why not offer those who can't make it an alternative live-streaming or downloadable viewing option, and increase your event profits. Or... offer those who do attend the option of re-living the experience with a digital download version for a small additional fee.

Maybe you simply want to archive the video in an online learning library for future reference... whatever your situation, ProCreative can help you set up the entire process.

ProCreative can work within a tight budget, sending a simple one-camera crew, or scale to cover the event with multiple cameras, capture live feeds of powerpoint presentations and video clips, and live-edit the event together and display live to the audience watching at the event. Our live-editing system also delivers a finished, edited video the second your conference is over, so you don't have to wait weeks to see the finished edit.  Upload to your website, or distribute via digital download platforms immediately upon completion of the event.

Examples Of Event Highlight Videos



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