Camaro TV SPOT

Our team flew out to the Iowa Speeday to film this fun TV spot, featuring the all-new Chevrolet Camaro. Our camera crew were strapped to the back of an SUV going around the track at pretty high-speeds to get some of these action shots. The client was delighted with the finished spot.

Silverado TV Spot

Our camera crew flew to Chicago to produce this TV commercial in a studio large enough for the job. We worked with each car dealer to create an authentic TV spot with a personal connection to each city this spot would air in.


Testimonial TV Spot

ProCreative interviewed several former students from Cortiva Institute to ask them about their experience attending school, and how their life had changed since working as a licensed massage therapist. We then took the best soundbites from the shoot and created this TV spot.

Iowa State TV Spot

Chrevrolet is a proud sponsor of Iowa State University, so we decided to create this TV spot and air during Iowa State football games in the Iowa region. Our film crew shot this project in a single day and the client was very happy with the finished product.


Conference Sale TV Spot

Living Scriptures Streaming hired ProCreative yet again to produce this simple TV spot to test out a new offer for customers to try out their streaming service for just $1 per month. The production process on this spot was extremely tight. We wrote scripts, located a home to film in, cast actors, filmed and edited this in just over one week!

Comparison TV Spot

We flew to Denver to film this TV commercial for Canopy Parking. The client wanted to show the two alternatives in a fun way, but hit home the key points that make their parking service superior to the traditional airport parking available. 


Opulence Lipstick 

ProCreative helped Younique with the product launch of their new line of lipstick by creating this playful spot. Casting was the key to this project, and we were delighted to discover and work with this spunky little girl, who pulled off this role with ease.

Old v New TV Spot

After 40 years of selling their Christian movies on VHS and DVD, Living Scriptures switched to an online streaming service. This spot was produced to let people know about the switch and influence them to signup for this monthly service.


Direct Response Spot

We were hired to produce this direct response TV spot to speak directly to seniors who would be watching daytime TV. We wrote, shot and edited this spot to get an immediate response to this free offer. The client was very impressed with the finished project and the campaign was a success.

Showstopper Collection

When we were in discussions with Younique on the creative direction for this video, it was decided that we would focus on the products for this spot. We wanted the product to be the heros and create this playful, upbeat marketing piece that would project a high-fashion image.


$19.99 Sale TV Spot

ProCreative shot this fun commercial for MakeUp Eraser here in our studio. We wanted a quick and simple way to demonstrate the product, and validate with social proof. The client had experienced great success on social media and we used that success to drive the story for this broadcast TV spot.

Liquid Foundation

Younique products apprached ProCreative with a request to product a spot that would help them launch their new line of Liquid Foundation. We produced this simple, yet elegant piece which was shot on the Salt Flats outside Salt Lake City.

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