Google Shopping

We were pretty excited when we discovered told we had been chosen to produce a series of training and marketing videos for Google. We flew out to their worlldwide headquarters in Mountain View, where we worked together with their team for several months on this project. We have since produced over 50 individual videos for Google.

Annual Meeting Kickoff

MarketStar hired ProCreative to produce this short but fun video to show at the start of their annual company meeting. The goal of the video was to show in a fun yet elegant way all the offerings and accomplishments of the company and to leave investors, employees and partners with a positive impression of the company.


Animated Sales Video

We produced this simple video for Earhart Roofing to give visitors to their website a very quick comparison between them and their competition. The goal was to give customers the impression that they would be very unwise to risk picking up the phone and calling anyone else.


PFO Stent Explainer

Coherex needed a way to show medical professionals what this new medical device is, and how it works. Our 3D animators spent many months creating this detailed, anatomically correct rendering that could withstand the scrutiny of doctors and surgeons.


Explainer Video

We created this animated video to help ASAP Audits market their unique service to food handlers who have the problems this software addresses. The script called for many data points to be discussed, which is why we guided the client to an animated solution, rather than live action video. 



Vital Access came to us to create this 3D animation project to help them demonstrate their medical product that assists nurses in vein cannulation. 

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